Additional Resources & Recommended Reading

The Framingham Heart Study. Long-term ongoing cardiovascular cohort study of Framingham,
Mass. Began 1948 with 5,209 adult subjects. More than 15,000 individuals enrolled now. In its third generation. Boston University.

The Journals of Applied Gerontology. Peer-reviewed published monthly.

Dan Buettner &

Buettner, Dan, The Blue Zones: Second Edition. 9 Lessons for Living Longer From the people who’ve lived the longest, National Geographic Partners, LLC,/Washington, DC, 2012.
Buettner, Dan, The Blue Zones Solutions : Eating and Living Like the World’s Healthiest People, National Geographic Partners, LLC,/Washington, DC, 2017.
Buettner, Dan. “The Secrets of Living Longer.” National Geographic (November 2005), 2-27.
Timeless/Classic Resources on Healthy Aging

Campbell, T. Colin and Cox, Christine, The China Project: Revealing the Relationship Between Diet and Disease (New Century Nutrition, 1996), 69-110.

Campbell ,T. Colin, The China Study. The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted, and the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss, and Long-Term Health (Benbella Books, 2004)

Perls, Thomas T. and Hutter, Margery Silver, Living to 100: Lessons in Living Your Maximum Potential at Any Age (Basic Books, 1999)

Pes, G. M., F. Tolu, M. Poulain, A. Errigo, S. Masala, A. Pietrobelli, N.C. Battistini, and M. Maioli.
“Lifestyle and Nutrition Related to Male Longevity in Sardinia: An Ecological Study.” Nutrition,
Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases (March 2013), 213-19.

YOUR LIFE SPAN and YOUR HEALTH SPAN, Ballentine Books/New York, 2007, 70.

Okinawan Healthy Aging & Diet

If you only have time to read one thing on Purpose, Work & Well-Being Success, check out the information below by the three most prolific researchers and experts on Okinawa and healthy longevity.

The authors of this information are Makoto

Suzuki, M. D., Bradley J.
Willcox, M.D., and D. Craig Willcox, PhD.
Suzuki, Makoto, M.D., Willcox, Bradley J., M.D., and D. Craig Willcox, Ph.D., The Okinawa

Learn the Secrets to Healthy Longevity. Three Rivers Press, 2001,
Bradley Willcox, Craig Willcox, and Makoto Suzuki; The Okinawa Way (London: Penguin Books,

Willcox, D. C., B. J Willcox, , H. Todoriki, and M. Suzuki. “The Okinawan Diet: Health Implications of a Low-Calorie, Nutrient-Dense, Antioxidant-Rich Dietary Pattern Low in Glycemic Load.”

Journal of the American College of Nutrition (August 2009), 500S-516S.
Suzuki, M., C. Willcox. “The Historical Context of Okinawan Longevity: Influence of the United
States and Mainland Japan.” Okinawan Journal of American Studies (2007), 46-61.

Take a Virtual Visit to Okinawa, Japan

View Rob Oeschle, Okinawan historical curator and photographer’s vast collection of pictures and Okinawan history:

Learn about Okinawa’s rich history and see memorabilia and pictures: from Donn Cuson:

I HIGHLY recommend you check out this Facebook page: YEAH… I Lived in Okinawa.
Their 53,100 members (as of 04-12-22) provide first-hand accounts of what it is like to live in
captivating Okinawa.

Shimabukuro, Yoshiko, Yoshiko, Himeyuri Peace Museum: The Guidebook, Okinawa, Japan,
October 2016.

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