Leadership Excellence

“While people do want more money, it’s often lousy management that makes them start looking.”

-Inc. Magazine

Retention, External, & Internal Recruitment Labor Shortage Prevention Best Practices

This program provides leaders with the compelling business case for them to prevent labor shortages through external and internal recruitment, and retention initiatives. They will leave with innovative best practice insights on how to better attract, retain, promote, and develop top talent.

OKI ME Leadership Excellence

Leadership Excellence in a Hybrid & Remote Workplace

The most potent key to preventing your labor shortage is your leaders. They influence whether top talent is attracted to, retained, or flees your organization. This program helps leaders to assess their leadership style and personal brand. They will learn innovative leadership skills to excel in a hybrid and remote work environment.

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Thursday, October 6, 2022 


Preventing Labor Shortages Through Leadership Excellence Summit

Spend a day on Captivating Cape Cod at a powerful Leadership Summit. Join Cross-Industry Leaders from Across the Nation to Learn Cutting Edge Best Practices that all Great Leaders MUST Know to Prevent Labor Shortages in Their Organizations.

You’ve worked hard to become that dynamic executive or middle manager who strives to excel at leadership excellence. In this new work and market place, sometimes what you know is not enough. Attend this Summit and learn about cutting edge best practices all great leaders MUST know to prevent labor shortages in their organizations. Take a day on captivating Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Learn how to successfully:.

“Navigate Through the 3C’s:  Change, COVID & Challenges.”

This one day Leadership Summit will bring together a cross-industry group of renowned global, national, and local leaders. You will examine steps leaders, and not just Human Resources Professionals, can take to recruit, retain, and develop top talent. Participants will hear from renowned experts and executives then create a “Labor Shortage Prevention Success Action Plan” that can be used immediately upon return to work. The event is targeted to  Senior Executives, Boards, and Middle Managers.

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