About Martha R. A. Fields

Learn more about Martha R. A. Fields and her experience as a citizen of the USA and the World.

OKI ME, LLC Products & Services

Learn about OKI ME, LLC’s Dynamic Consulting, Coaching, Educational Programs & Speaking Engagements Products & Services.

Finding my IKIGAI (Reason For Being/Life’s Purpose!)

Explore the concept of IKIGAI and discover how finding it can add seven good years to your life AND leave you feeling happy and fulfilled. Learn about the four powerful questions you MUST answer to unlock YOUR IKIGAI (Reason for Waking Up/Life’s Purpose!)

Growing up in Okinawa: Land of the Immortals

Martha explains what it was like to grow up in the #1 place in the world where people live the longest and are the healthiest. More healthy and happy people there live to 110+ Years old than anywhere on earth.

MRAF’s 8 Healthy Aging Principles

Practiced by the “Blue Zones” (Places People Live the Longest & are the Healthiest in the World. Learn the secrets practiced by these people and how to adapt them to your life despite the 3C’s: Change, COVID, & Challenges.

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